Spring is here - visit the Maryland Film Festival, join in on Market Day or will you be celebrating Mother's Day with your loved ones?


Spring Time Events in Baltimore

May 5, 2014

The weather has definitely turned around over here in Baltimore and with many of us seeing more rain and less snow over the past week, this could mean more outdoor activities for the kids and families over the weekends. Even if you are not a fan of being outdoors, there are sure to be tons of activities and events for you to attend.

We hope that Baltimore Bus Charters can be a part of that. However, here are a few quick suggestions as to the type of activities to anticipate over spring time in Baltimore.

Maryland Film Festival

May 7 to May 11, 2014
in cinemas throughout Station North and Bolton Hill

The Maryland Film Festival is a 5-day event that stretches into the weekend so, if you miss one of the weekday screenings, you can catch it when it is screened again during the weekend. The film festival traditionally held early May every year and showcases some of the world’s best feature and short films from all around the world. The event is capable of attracting tens of thousands of audiences and film industry experts annually.

Approximately 50 feature films and 75 short films from all genres are featured during the film and they have been selected by a team of experienced panel. Films who have made it to the festival includes the ones from renowned names like Kathryn Bigelow, John Waters, Joe Swanberg, Lisandro Alonso, Lena Dunham, just to name a few.

Market Day

Cylburn Arboretum
4915 Green Spring Ave., Baltimore MD 21209
(410) 367-2217

Event: May 9, 2014 and May 10, 2014
Admission: Free

This event is suitable for anyone who likes to mingle with the locals while admiring local produce and plants. More than 15 vendors will gather together at the arboretum so that they can teach, introduce, sell and showcase some of their best work. The organizers have also put together some kid-friendly activities to keep the little ones occupied so, bring the Baltimore charter bus over for a quick look and you might find yourself immersed with beautiful blooms for a couple of hours.

Mother’s Day

May 11, 2014

And who can forget the fact that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t forget to bring your moms out for a treat at a local cafe, buffet or restaurant over the weekend to tell her how much you appreciate her contributions and love. You can bring her for a good meal over good music at Rusty Scupper or take her on a cruise along Inner Harbor if she has never done it before.

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