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Mount Vernon, Howard Peter Rawlings Conservatory and Lee-Jackson Monument are important but sometimes looked over landmarks in Baltimore

Important Baltimore Landmarks to Check Out

Feb 26, 2014

Part of the traveling process is about getting to know the city that you are visiting, regardless of whether you are visiting via a rented charter bus, driving yourself around or using local public transportation. It is crucial to have a good itinerary which will take you around to those important landmarks in a timely manner so that you know you are making the most of your time here. It is impossible to visit ALL Baltimore landmarks in a short period of time but at the very least, check the important ones out during your visit.

Roger B Taney sculpture in Mount Vernon, Baltimore

Mount Vernon is one of Baltimore’s oldest neighborhoods and is, as planned out, esignated a National Landmark Historic District in Maryland. As it is the oldest and also most well-thought-out neighborhoods in Baltimore, roads are well-planned and getting around shouldn’t be a problem. However, being a large part of the historical side of Baltimore, there are many landmarks and tourist attractions to check out during your Baltimore charter bus visit, and suffice to say, it would make the whole visit a lot more comfortable if a Baltimore bus charter was used.

A large part of Mount Vernon is, admittedly, residential but here, you can find some important landmarks and they are:-

  • Peabody Conservatory at John Hopkins University
  • University of Baltimore
  • Walters Art Museum
  • Contemporary Museum
  • Baltimore School of Arts
  • Lyric Opera House
  • Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute

Howard Peter Rawlings Conservatory

3100 Swann Lane, Baltimore MD
(410) 396-0008

Spring is approaching and for the people who are manning sites like Howard Peter Rawlings Conservatory, it is huge - expecting tens of thousands of visitors from all around Baltimore and charter bus Baltimore foreign visitors will be walking around its magical woodlands. The conservatory features a huge array of flowers including lilies, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and many more.

Located just right outside of Druid Park, many people drive past its glossy glass buildings on their way to Maryland Zoo. Rawlings conservatory offer visitors a few calming, serene and colorful greenhouses, arranged according to its species. Another point of interest would be a sundial which dates back to 1800s which shows you the time zones around the world.

Lee-Jackson Monument

The monument, which was completed in 1948, is a dedication to Confederate soldiers who fought during the Civil War. It was in J. Henry Ferguson’s will that using funds that he left behind after his death, that a monument shall be erected in dedication to Confederate soldiers. He was a big supporter and fan of Confederate Generals during his youth.

Laura Gardin Fraser was commissioned to take on the job of designing and completing the monument and was paid $100,000 for her effort, as written in J. Henry Ferguson’s will.

One good reason to make a quick Baltimore bus charter stop at the monument would be the fact that it is located stone’s throw away from some Baltimore tourist attractions like Wyman Park and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

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